Suffice to say successful management of change actually involves a complex mix of ingredients, which have varying degrees of impact at different stages of the change process. Using therefore the metaphor of a kaleidoscope is particularly apt because organisational change encompasses a host of elements: these come into and out of focus, and merge with each other at different times.

1. Scope
How big a change is called for?
Does the change affect discrete working teams?

2. Time
What degree of urgency is there?
What is the window of opportunity before results need to be seen?
What type of change is appropriate
Incremental change
Transitional change
Transformational change

3. Power & Readiness
How much power does the change leader have to impose change and how much room for manoeuvre?
How aware of the need for change are different individuals and groups of staff, and how committed are they to change?

4. Capacity and capability
Does the organization have the financial resources necessary to embark upon and sustain a given change initiative?
Does the organization have the skills and competencies to manage the change initiative?

5. Uniformity
What interest groups are most affected by the change?
How might they react to the proposed new ways of working?

6. Preservation
What is it about the current situation that is working well?
What, from the past, has contributed to current success and how can these elements be preserved?


  • Start up
  • Growth
  • Crisis
  • Restructuring
  • Change


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