Service Excellence as a Selling Point

Service excellence is not strategy – it is the next five minutes!
Increasing competition and rising customer demands have intensified the pressure on companies around the globe to provide exceptional service and create unprecedented customer value. To achieve this type of breakthrough value, businesses must scrutinize consumer needs and desires. Companies that deliver service excellence get a disproportionate share of customer money.

We help companies to achieve outstanding service excellence. We encourage them to act on the four service truths developed by Frances Frei (Professor of Service Management at Harvard University) and Anne Morriss (Chief Knowledge Officer of the Concire Leadership Institute):

1. You can`t be good at everything

You must be bad in the service of good. Excellence requires underperforming on the dimensions your customers value least so that you can overperform on the dimensions your customers value most. Once you choose this path, the decision on where to be good and bad should be driven by deep insight into who your customers are and what the need operationally.

2. Someone has to pay for it.

Service excellence must be funded in some way. You either find a way to charge your customer more for it or reduce costs while improving your service experience or you get customers to do some of the work for you. Choosing among those strategies will depend on industry dynamics and the specific relationship you have with your customers.

3. It`s not your employee`s fault

Your people matter, but not because they are the make-or-break input on delivering excellent service. What matters more, is the way you have designed your service model in such a way, that it allows average employees to excel as a matter of routine.

4. You must manage your customer

You must be deliberate about involving your customers in creating- not just consuming- your service experience. You need also a management plan for your customers to make sure that the customer will play a productive role in the service encounter.

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