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The forces for changes external to organizations are arguably greater than they have ever been at any time in the past. This due to the changing shape of political, economic, social and technological forces worldwide. Some of the effects of these forces are the elimination of industry boundaries, greater power of digital market places, fewer distinctions between industrial and service businesses, major advances in logistics, the rise of artificial intelligence, more women at work and an ageing population within developed countries.
The forces for change in organizations today are complex and inter-related. For example, the impact of regional or global competition on one organization will affect its relationship with its suppliers and consequently the way in which it must operate in order to remain competitive. What causes companies to change is usually not one special factor, but a convoluted web of forces for change


External influences on organizations are becoming increasingly complex and interlinked. Thus, the consequences of regional or global competition affect the relationship of an organization to its suppliers, and thus the way in which it must act in order to remain competitive. It is usually not just a single particular factor that drives companies to change, but an intricate network of forces that drive these changes.

What for

Unless you spend some valuable time thinking outside the box and thinking out of the ordinary, you face the very real risk that changes in your business environment are detrimental to your business. We have always believed that inspiration is what keeps you on the ball by going out into the world and watching people and companies do it the best they can. Our goal is to help you find new ways to help you establish or run a successful and agile business.


Change management consists of a complex mix of components that have different effects at different stages of the change process. Therefore, the metaphor of a kaleidoscope is particularly suitable because organizational changes include a multitude of elements: these come in and out of focus at different times and blend together differently.


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