Innovation, transformation and leadership arise in many ways. Weiand Hospitality Consulting offers consulting services from strategy to implementation and accompanies you technologically and economically so that your company can successfully establish itself on the market.



Company problems usually have certain similarities. To better structure your thoughts and approaches to solving these problems, there are tools (frameworks) and concepts. You therefore do not have to reinvent the wheel. The frameworks presented here are a working basis on which you should build your own thoughts and considerations.


Inspiration for executives, startups, and established companies who think it’s time for new ideas. Are you starting a new business or are you thinking about giving your business a fresh look or redesigning your daily business? Our best practice database includes many examples from all service areas.


Execution is everything. Even the most brilliant strategy papers do not help, if at the end the implementation fails. You must make sure that you have the necessary financial and personal resources to implement your proposed strategy. This approach is also called the resource based view to strategy.


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