Mastering change

Good sales, but big challenges are looming
Current business outlook in that industry is positive, but too much bureaucracy and problem areas such as employee recruitment, VAT and working hours slightly cloud the mood. Even though the basic tenor in gastronomy is nevertheless positive, the earnings situation remains tense in many places. Almost every second gastro entrepreneur complains of declining earnings as a result of rising costs and the strong price pressure.
There are approximately 165,000 gastronomic businesses in Germany. The biggest contributor here is classic restaurants with 44%, followed by bars (19%) and takeaways (21%). In the hospitality industry there are about 1.5 million employees.

The industry at a glance

Food & Beverage outlets
Mrd. Euro revenue per year
Mio. employees
Tsd. apprentices
Business closures
Business start-ups

Important topics for the food and beverage sector

  • Rising legal requirements (data protection, hygiene, working hours law, opening times)
  • Minimum wages
  • Skill shortage
  • Digitization (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Payment Systems)
  • Reduction of sales tax from 19 – 7 % der Umsatzsteuer von 19 % auf 7 %
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Regional / Bio-Products
  • Social Media – Reputation Management
  • Going green and Bio / How to safeguard your supply chain
  • Driving bans in inner cities
  • Ever rising rents
  • New competition: Amazon Fresh, Uber Eats etc.
  • Price dynamics (Energy, Food & Beverage)
  • Effective and efficient use of resources

We offer advisory services for …

  • Restaurants / Bars / Small lodges
  • Fast Casual concepts
  • Coffeeshops / Kaffeehäuser
  • System Gastronomy
  • Investores / Developer
  • Banks / Associations
  • Suppliers
  • Architects / Project Developer
  • Liquidator

Consulting services

What should you expect from a very good restaurant, bar or café? This is pretty simple: no frills, smart and pleasant staff and a continued good supply of food and drinks. We provide you with the precise blend of operational expertise, strategic vision and industry knowledge required to work together to develop working solutions.

Key questions for business leaders

Finance / Adminstration

  • How can we improve relevant KPIs in order to sustainably strengthen the company’s profits?
  • Funding or participations? Which option is best for start-ups and growth phases?
  • We expect falling profits: by what means do we reduce the costs accordingly?
  • What measures are required to successfully master an emerging or already existing crisis of the company?
  • How can audits by tax authorities and pension insurance institution be effectively managed?

Customer & Markets

  • Should we continue to expand, if so, should we achieve this through new products in existing markets or by entering new markets?
  • How will the needs of our customers change in the next 2-3 years and are we prepared for taking the necessary steps?
  • Should one consider food delivery companies as competitors to the catering industry or build up a strong cooperation?
  • Which expectations on the part of the customer will play an essential role in the field of digitization?
  • “Customization” – how do we design products with limited resources to target-oriented products?
  • How do we gain more time for the customer and how do we ensure his long-term loyalty?


  • What degree of digitization is right for our company?
  • What consequences could a non-GDPdU-capable POS system cause?
  • How can decision-making be made more effective?
  • How can we design our work processes so that our employees are always able to provide our customers with an excellent service?
  • How intensively should networking with major suppliers be realized?
  • How can production processes be optimized?
  • Should we consider outsourcing other parts of our value chain?

Human Resources & Education

  • Which strategies do we have to develop to meet the skills shortage?
  • How do we succeed in winning the TOP TALENT we need and retaining it in the long term?
  • What measures are needed to develop in-house skills?
  • What does the claim “culture eats strategy for breakfast” mean for the requirements of effective leadership?
  • How do continuous improvements become an integral part of the corporate culture?


Food & Beverage Inspiration

All large companies either start with a new idea. Or, as Mark Twain said: “All good ideas are second hand”. Are you about to get your business idea off the ground – be it a stylish restaurant, a café, an independent hotel or a guesthouse? Or are you simply thinking about giving your company a fresh appearance or bringing about a change in day-to-day operations? Whatever the reason for your latest venture, our goal is to provide you with an individual and effective research service to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Legendary properties

Kronenhalle, Zürich
Rules, London
River Café, New York
Savoy Grill, London
Zum Schwarzen Kameel, Wien

Traditional coffee houses

Einstein, Berlin
Landtmann, Wien
Café Ritter, Wien
Café Prückel, Wien


Balthazar, London
Borchardt, Berlin
Colette, Berlin
Die Bank, Hamburg

All day dining

Gramercy Tavern, New York
German Gymnasium, London

Great bars

American Bar at the Savoy
28 Hong Kong Str., Singapore
Central, Zürich
New York Bar
Hotel Park Hyatt, Tokyo

Grill / Steaks

Lutyens Grill, London
Grill Royal, Berlin
Brenner Grill, München
Persille, Paris
MASH Steakhouse, Kopenhagen
To The Bone, Berlin

Great Breakfast

Ottmangut, Meran, Südtirol
Benedict, Berlin & Tel Aviv

Great Brunch

Hotel The Ned, London


Fork, Kapstadt

Asian concepts

Atoboy, New York
Sushi Azabu, New York
Tim’s Kitchen, Hongkong
Bo Innovation, Hongkong
Roka, London
Kaia, Hotel The Ned, London


New Street Wine, London

Modern Cuisine

The Test Kitchen, Kapstadt
The Palomar, London
NENI, Berlin
Jncquoi, Lissabon
Frenchie Rue du Nil, Paris

Fast Casual Concepts

EXKi, Benelux, Germany
Goldies, Berlin
Toast Box, Singapore
Le Pain Quotidien, Brussel & London
MOS Burger, Tokyo


Bar Centrale, München
Drym, Mailand
Alto Adige, Berlin

Coffee Shops

Rocket Coffeebar, Bangkok
Cafe Granola, Copenhagen
Omotesando Koffee, Hong Kong
Single Origin Roasters, Sydney
La Stanza, Zürich


Executive Education


Cornell University
School of Hotel Administration
Ithaca, New York, USA
École hôtelière de Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland
Hotelfachschule Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany
SDA Bocconi School of Management
Via Bocconi, 8
20136 Milano, Italy
Hotel School Bruneck
Bruneck, Italy
The Japan Hotel School, Tokyo

Distance learning

The Open University
Milton Keynes, UK


L’Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse
64, rue du Ranelagh, 75016 Paris
The Culinary Institute of America
New York, USA
Gelato University Carpgiani
Via Emilia, 45, 40011 Anzola dell’Emilia BO, Italy


Geisenheim University
65366 Geisenheim, Germany

International fairs

Yes, they can be exhausting, but the good ones should be in your diary.
Frankfurt, Germany
Salone del Mobile, Milano
Milan, Italia
Paris, France
Hamburg, Germany
Global Food
Technology & Innovation
London, UK
Hong Kong
NRA Show
Chicago, US.
Food Hospitality World
Guangzhou, China
Milan, Italy
Merano Wine Festival
Vinitalia, Verona

Designer & Architects

Lázaroro Studio
NOTT Architects, Christchurch
Onion Co. Ltd, Bangkok, Christchurch
Studio Tack, New York
Charlie & Rose, Hong Kong

Reading & Listening

Design & Interior

Architectual Digest
Wallpaper Magazine
Design, Architektur, Kunst und Reisen
The World of Interior
Das Magazin für Gastlichkeit, Design und Kultur
Food Service
Allgemeine Gaststätten Zeitung


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