We help companies to implement “Best Practice Benchmarking” procedures to enhance performance. Benchmarking is a continuous activity; key comparisons are made with the current best performers (internal & external), internal processes are adjusted, performance is monitored, new comparisons are made and further changes are explored.
Ideally benchmarking involves the examination of processes. However, often it is merely results that are benchmarked – this will identify gaps where performance needs to be improved, but does not provide information on how to improve performance. An initial concentration on metrics and output indicators is natural because such measures are easy to identify. Really successful benchmarking, leading to significant improvements in production or service processes, concentrates on getting down to observing, describing and interpreting the detail of how operations are working, since this is the route to creating better outputs.
Once a systematic benchmarking process is installed, companies can profit from
a number of benefits.

  • Setting SMART performance goals that can be demonstrated to be achievable
  • Accelerates necessary change initiatives
  • Improved processes
  • Focus on the external environment
  • Generates an understanding of world-class performance


  • Start up
  • Growth
  • Change
  • Crisis


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