We are thinking Out-of-the-box

No one is free from prejudice and “drawer-thinking” – not even a business consultant. Nevertheless, we offer our customers thorough and objective advice. How do we do that?
Through the consistent, unbiased juxtaposition of ideas.

The idea behind it is called “Analysis of competing hypothesis”
It provides, in principle, for each important solution approach an opposing hypothesis in order to be able to better determine from the findings, which of both is more likely to lead to the goal.

Our consulting process

1. Listening

At the beginning we listen first. We explore what problems you have to master and what challenges you face. In this way, we find out how complex the structures of your company are and what influence the corporate culture will have on necessary changes.

2. Analyse

Through comprehensive analyzes, we identify the “pain points” in your company, with your customers, suppliers and partners. We find out where the “shoe is pinching” – not visibly, but actually. Information that helps us to develop meaningful concepts.

3. Validate competency

In this step, we find out whether our common know-how for the implementation of the project is sufficient or whether it should be complemented by further specialized knowledge. If so, we check within our vast network to find appropriate expertise.

4. Develop solutions

On the basis of all gained insights we develop different solution ideas. We test their feasibility and their chances of success – practice-oriented and specifically tailored to the requirements of your company. In this way, we select the most sensible procedure based on facts.

5. Taking decisions

Together with you, we develop practicable products, develop new service processes or adapt already existing processes. In doing so, we make sure that we recognize possible resistance at an early stage and facilitate the implementation of the new solutions in the company.

6. Support change process

As part of our process monitoring, we monitor the fast and KPI-compliant implementation of the developed solutions in the company – and make adjustments, if necessary.


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